The Office Of International Affairs (OIA)


·       Formulating a clearly defined and well-communicated comprehensive policy for the enrolment of international students.

·       Exploring collaboration opportunities in teaching-learning and research activities for students and teachers.

·       Communicating with different stakeholders to enhance the international student enrolment rate.

·       Overseeing the academic, research, and accommodation issues of international students and research fellows.

·       Creating facilities and supports for disciplines, research institutes, Institutional Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC), Research and Innovation Centre (RIC) and similar other bodies to arrange/co-host international trainings, conferences and seminars for promoting international collaboration.

·       Exploring international training opportunities for students, academics, and researchers.

·       Showcasing the research, publications and innovations to international audiences.

·       Making public engagements and outreach for delivering the outputs to the community and maximizing the benefits of internationalization.

·       Liaising, networking, and facilitating meetings with Khulna University alumni for enhanced overseas student enrolment, research cooperation and funding opportunities.

  • Building and strengthening strategic international partnerships and agreements along with facilitating memoranda of understanding (MoU) with international partners (universities, research institutes, and industry).
  • Arranging the visits of international delegates and scholars and supporting the student and faculty endeavors.