The Office Of International Affairs (OIA)


·       To represent Khulna University and highlight its salient features nationally, regionally and internationally;

·       To create an academic environment for enrolling international students by attaining global benchmarks;  

·       To promote diversity by attracting students, fellows, and researchers from diverse cultures;

·       To assist Khulna University in achieving its vision, mission and objectives by enhanced academic and research cooperation and collaboration with world-class academic and research institutions and other relevant bodies;

·       To foster strategic global institutional and industry partnerships;

·       To act as the central focal point for the coordination and implementation of all initiatives in support of achieving and upgrading the international status of Khulna University;

·       To support collaborative research programs, individual and consortium grant applications, international academic and research partnerships, student education and exchange programs, faculty exchange and development schemes, and subsequent agreements/contracts authorization and finalization.