The Office Of International Affairs (OIA)

International Affairs


Khulna University, a public university in the southwestern part of Bangladesh, started its academic journey in 1991. This university has been offering academic programs in various fields of knowledge including arts and humanities; fine arts; social sciences; law; business administration; science, engineering, and technology; life sciences; and education and research. The academic environment, research opportunities, and vibrant campus life are the key features of this university that have attracted students from across the country. It has managed to attract foreign students as well, although most of them have been from SAARC countries. Having internationally compatible facilities and outcome-based curricula, the university now focuses on increasing foreign students’ enrolment and international research and academic collaborations. With this intention, the Office of International Affairs (OIA) is working towards the internationalization of this university.



Achieving global excellence in teaching-learning and research through facilitating international collaboration.



To promote Khulna University’s international identity through the exploration of international academic and research collaboration by enhancing competitiveness, internationalization, and fostering effective communication.